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Millgate Roofing will cover all aspects of your tile roof - whether it is installing a brand new one or repairing an existing roof.

A tile roof is available in many different materials and designs. Slate was a common material for tiling in ancient Greece and still is. Today we have other options as well, such as concrete and clay  tiles. Many of the tile roofs from ancient Greece, which were made from slate, sandstone or clay, are still in good condition and stands as a current proof for its exceptional durability.

What the different materials and designs of tile roofing all have in common, is the appealing look it gives the exterior of your property and the longevity of it.

Flat tiles are both common and simple to install; the tiles are laid by overlapping each other. Other popular styles are the imbrex and tegula, which also were popular with the ancient Greeks. The tiles are laid in a combination of curves and flats to make a channel for the rain. We specialise in tile roof insulation and will make sure that your roof is as waterproof as can be.

It is the beauty of tile roofs that has made is such a popular choice throughout history.

Being a durable choice, a tile roof will not only last you a lifetime if treated right, it will also make your property safer. As they are non-combustible, a roof made of tiles will prevent a possible fire from spreading further. As for its maintenance needs, a tile roof will neither rot nor bring you any insect troubles.

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