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Slate is a hundred percent natural material. Like many of the other materials Millgate Roofing has to offer, slate has also been around for centuries. They preferred it then for the same reasons we prefer it today; its extraordinary durability and natural beauty.

At Millgate Roofing we specialise in Welsh, Spanish, Brazilian and Chinese slate. 

It is an especially popular choice for upscale properties, due to its natural and organic look. It is not only the authentic beauty of slate that has made it so attractive; these roofs require very little maintenance. With a noteworthy strength, it is likely to last you a lifetime. As with tile roofs, the slate will prevent a fire from spreading and be resistant to both rot and insect attacks.

Slate is extremely water resistant and ideal as a roofing material. This resistance makes it unlikely for the slate to be damaged by frost, in order for you to be spared the time and effort of maintenance and breakage repairs. With slate as a roofing material, you are also making a highly energy efficient choice. Being a dense and insulated material, slate can  make a notable difference on your electricity bill by reducing the amount of heat loss.

The material is not only sustainable for you personally, but also for the environment. A slate roof will contribute with no harmful substances to the environment since it is one hundred percent natural and completely recyclable.

Make a green choice by contacting our experienced team to assist you with all aspects of slate roofing. Contact us today for more information.