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EPDM Rubber FleeceBack Systems is one of the toughest roofing materials for flat roofing on the market.
It is resistant to both water and sun, meaning that your roof will be more durable and more likely to withstand a tough climate. By choosing professional and experienced contractors to install it, the EPDM Rubber FleeceBack Systems is likely to last you a lifetime.

The system is water repellent and will therefore not suffer from the common moisture problems, which often leads to cracking in the material and costly repairs later on. In fact, it is so weather resistant that you could install it as a flat roofing material in your freezing winter holiday house in Alaska, as well as for your boiling summerhouse in the middle of Sahara.

The EPDM Rubber FleeceBack Systems offers a superior quality, as well as an excellent finish. Its looks will stay compelling for years to come, without you having to perform regular time-consuming and costly maintenance.

The materials in the system are all friendly to the environment. With its exceptional durability, EPDM Rubber FleeceBack Systems is one of the most sustainable roofing solutions - both for you and for our planet.

All of our contractors are approved for EPDM rubber fleeceBack flat roofing system.

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